Wild Melodies is the twentieth episode of the first season of the TV series and twentieth episode of the full series overall.


All the Darling children are busy with their music - Wendy on her iPod, Michael with his music and John playing and electric piano in the corner of the room. Peter and Wendy soon fly in to the room and are cringing at the loud music when John explains he is super stressed because he has to take part in a concert at school. Peter promises that he if he comes to Neverland today, he might see something that will give him the desire to play again.

Hook and his pirates are on another expedition to find treasure while Peter shows the children that the sea levels have dropped and that happens only once in a year in Neverland. Peter explains that with the low tide, they will be able to see something extraordinary: the “Wild Melodies” migration. After remaining hidden on the island for the entire year, once a year during the spring tide, these amazing animals cross the path that becomes visible connecting Neverland to its northern island for their reproduction period..

The pirates are digging in the very same sandbank where the Wild Melodies is to take place. The only thing that will scare them is the ghost of Lord Blood Barrie, an old pirate whose treasure was buried decades ago.

The Wild Melodies are on the way and it is up to Peter to ensure that the pirates get out of the sand bank soon before its too late!


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