Wendy Darling is the secondary protagonist of the TV series.


Wendy's the oldest child in the Darling family. She doesn't take orders easily. Witty and quick, her sense of humor is clearly verbal. She's a modern girl and knows how to use the tools she's been growing up with. Whenever Peter's in danger, she solves the problem in a lasting manner by going straight to the source. Keenly aware of what is fiction and what is reality, every evening when she flies off with Peter to Neverland, she feels certain that it's all just a dream.


In the Real World, she’s good at school but prone to day-dreaming. Her future ambitions are big but change by the day. One minute, she’ll want to be a marine biologist and explore the world’s oceans. The next minute, she’ll be mapping out the stars she’ll visit when she becomes an astronaut. Of course, her greatest ambition at the moment is to save Neverland from all those Evils.

Since meeting Peter Pan she’s been amused and appalled by some of his old-fashioned notions.


She’s extremely selfless, self-deprecating, and self-sacrificing. As a loyal, caring, and insightful girl, she’s good at inspiring confidence in others. She is also very protective of her family and friends, and never gives up.

She’s also inclined to act bossy, even over-bearing at times, in crisis situations in Neverland. This is because she has no control over the situation at home and is desperate to have a voice and impact in Neverland.

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