Watch Out for Wendybell is the third episode of the second season of the TV series and thirtieth episode of the full series overall.


In London, Michael is sick to death that no one listens to him because he is the youngest… So he overdoes it until Wendy claims he is un-bear-able! On Neverland, the Flower Ladies ask Peter and his friends for help: someone has stolen water from Fairy Lake – magic, precious and dangerous water. Our heroes find the precious liquid in Sienna’s hands.

When she tries to recover it, Wendy accidentally drinks some water and is transformed into a fairy! Initially she is thrilled with her new condition but she quickly realizes it has its limits. Not only can she not go home like this, but everyone treats her like a fragile little girl who can’t make herself heard. Only Tinkerbell has the power to help find a remedy to her condition: Jaro’s anti-fairy potion!


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  • The first appearance of Sienna.
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