Tinker Bell is the tritagonist of the TV series.


Our delightful fairy can flip from one extreme attitude to its opposite in a split second. Extremely faithful with people she considers friends, she would do anything to save Peter or the Lost Kids. But she would betray Wendy in a heartbeat if she wasn't afraid of upsetting Peter by doing so. Snobbish and egocentric, she often speaks of herself in the third person. Tinker Bell is definitely the most girlish character in the series.



She is courageous, magical, musical, ingenious, fiercely loyal and protective of her friends, really sweet when it’s least expected but very much needed, hilarious (though unintentionally), quick-witted, and, in a pinch, rises to challenges magnificently. She's also moody, silly, waspish, mischievous, proud, snobbish and aloof but gradually warming up and making friends with other species.

Tinker Bell has a total lack of self-awareness and is fickle, proud and snobbish to a certain extent. At times emotionally challenged, unhinged, hot-tempered, possessive, narrow-minded, spiteful, thoughtless, and reluctant to make friends with non-fairies. She also is wildly unpredictable.


  • When she drinks coffee, she splits into four versions of her personality and of the four elements.
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