Tiger Lily is a character of the TV series.


Tiger Lily is the darkly beautiful and brave warrior girl of the Island’s Red Tribe. She’s 10 years old but her reserved, serious nature makes her seem much older. It’s rare to see her to play games and be silly and carefree because she shoulders many responsibilities as the daughter of her tribe’s Chieftain. On the occasions she does let her hair down, she can light up the world with her joie de vivre. When Peter Pan rescued her from Marooner’s Rock (where Captain Hook cruelly left her to die), she was equally grateful and smitten. But she’s become less enchanted with him since the Incident with the Box. In fact, she and her tribe are still very cross and waiting for him to apologize for his involvement in it. Since Peter is constitutionally incapable of saying sorry for anything, they’ll likely be waiting ‘til the end of time. Meanwhile, Tiger Lily has turned her attention to Wendy’s brother John, who she thinks is the cutest and cleverest boy in Neverland. It’s possible she’s just pretending to like him to annoy Peter. Needless to say, it’s working




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