Thief, Friend And Foe is the second episode of the second season of the TV series and twenty ninth episode of the full series overall.


Michael has been crying wolf a lot lately. John and Wendy find it truly tiresome. Luckily, Peter shows up to whisk them all off to Neverland and the two older siblings secretly hope that Michael will switch from pestering them to pestering him. Their wish seems to have been granted! As soon as they are inside the Imaginary Tree, Michael whines to Peter about a scary “shadow” lurking about the tree. Peter tells him to stop, but Michael won’t give it up.

In fact, he proves to them that something has been stolen. And that something is The Great Book of Neverland! Peter has an inkling that this is but another one of pesky Sienna’s naughty tricks. The Darling siblings are in the dark, “Peter, who’s Sienna?” Sienna is the pretty, little redhead busy now negotiating a swap with Captain Hook: The Great Book of Neverland for a bracelet that’s ever-so terribly sparkly that its glinting will actually strain your eyes. She vanishes like an alley cat not knowing that Hook is going to use the book to bring back Neverland’s biggest, baddest, worstest meanies: Loki, Synapse, the Swamp Monster, and a few others to boot!

The children will have their work cut out for them. Besides fending off these meanies, they’ll have to convince Sienna to league up with them, otherwise they don’t stand a smidgeon of chance of winning.


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  • The first appearance of Sienna.
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