The Treasure Hunt is the eleventh episode of the first season of the TV series and eleventh episode of the full series overall.


At the Darling house Michael and John are having a fight that Wendy is trying to prevent and is very thankful when Peter Pan shows up promising a surprise for them back in Neverland.

While Asbjorn, the pirate decides to leave Captain Hook’s ship in search of treasure, Peter Pan organizes a treasure hunt for everyone. All the kids set off in different directions in search of the treasure each one trying to out do the others and get to the treasure first!

John soon wins the treasure of a box full of chocolate coins, which he refuses to share with Michael, and walks off in a huff to hide the treasure. Unfortunately for him, Asbjorn sees him hiding the treasure. An excited Asbjorn brings Hook and Smee to the buried treasure. When John discovers that his treasure chest is missing, he refuses to ask his friends for help since he doesn’t want to share the treasure with them.

He sets off in search of his treasure when he finds pirate buttons nearby. Will John find the treasure without his friends?


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