The Temple of the Choombaas is the fifteen episode of the first season of the TV series and fifteen episode of the full series overall.


Michael is upset with everyone comparing him to John and is even more upset when Peter asks him to wait for John before they fly off to Neverland.

While everyone is playing in the amusement park in Neverland, Michael who is once again challenged by John, walks off sulking. He decides to follow Smee and Jake when he hears them talking about a temple. Soon, the three of them get trapped inside the Aztec looking temple by the Choombaas.

Wendy is worried about Michael while Peter insists that its always the pirates who are to blame when something goes wrong in Neverland. Smee finds out the Choombaas protecting a priceless egg and hatches a plan

Soon, the pirates, Peter, Wendy and the Lost Kids go in search of Michael, Smee and Jake. Hook goes mostly because he wants to find the golden temple. Michael, Smee and Jake soon find a way out of the temple only to discover a battle raging outside the temple.

Michael is soon captured by the pirates and it is up to Peter to save him from the devious Captain Hook who wants Peter in return for Michael. Hook and the pirates go in into the temple to steal the egg and the Choombaas stop Pan and his friends. The pirates make it to the egg and when Hook holds it, he's in command of the Choombaas.


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