The Shadow Thief is the sixteenth episode of the first season of the TV series and sixteenth episode of the full series overall.


It’s a busy day at the Darling house with Wendy preparing for her class representative election campaign.

Meanwhile in Neverland, Hook decides to set the forest on fire to force Peter Pan out of his lair. Peter, the children and the Indians soon reach the cave where Captain Hook is planning his big attack. Before Peter can act, he is suddenly knocked unconscious. When he wakes up he realizes that he can’t seem to fly because his shadow has been stolen. And he suspects Armus to be the shadow thief since he was the one who knocked Peter out.

Peter is upset that Armus was the one who stole his shadow since Armus was Peter’s closest friend. He soon realizes that Armus is jealous of him and wants all of Peter’s powers. Wendy soon takes things into her own hands and sends Michael, John and the Lost Kids to fight the pirates and ensure that they do not destroy Neverland. Wendy, Tinkerbell and a skeptical Peter go in search of Armus to get Peter’s shadow back.

Will Peter manage to reclaim his shadow or will he become just like the other kids? Will he also manage to fight the pirates? He must, before its too late!


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  • It's revealed Peter Pan loses his powers when he's without his shadow.
  • The fist and last appearance of Armus.
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