The Secret of Long John Pepper is the sixth episode of the first season of TV series and sixth episode of the full series overall.


In his book about Neverland, John learns of a saber that belonged to Long John Pepper. Legend has it that whoever finds the saber, will be granted with immense power. John is determined to find this saber.

Back in Neverland, the Indians organize a festival and invite the Darling Children, Peter and the Lost boys and girls. Captain Hook is planning an attack on this festival since everyone will be too busy to keep guard. While everyone is enjoying the festival, John wanders off into the jungle in search of Long John Pepper’s saber. He soon hears the pirates nearby and hears of their plan to attack the Indian Village. He now knows that more than ever he needs to find this saber so that he can save the Indians and impress Tiger Lily.

The Indians are captured by the pirates and John manages to find the saber, but cannot figure out how to use it. Only time will tell if he manages to save Tiger Lily and her family from the dreaded pirates.


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