The Secret Garden is the tenth episode of the first season of the TV series and tenth episode of the full series overall.


Wendy is upset with John and Michael when she finds them snooping through her personal diary. Luckily Peter Pan appears just in time and takes them to Neverland.

While John and Michael are play enacting a battle, Wendy confides in Peter that she would like her own Secret Garden- her very own place of peace and quiet.

Meanwhile in his cabin, Hook has decided to write him memoirs. He takes out his nicest quill and clears his mind to tell his evil, but oh so exciting, adventures. But each time he tries to write the first sentence, he is interrupted by one of his crew.

Wendy, aggravated by Peter’s lack of attention to her problem, wanders off and finds the Great Book of Neverland, open to the drawing of a secret garden. She soon wanders into the garden where she finds beautiful things all quiet and serene. Suddenly she finds herself trapped in a place that no one knows exists!

While Peter and the boys are searching for Wendy, Hook decides to follow them in the hope of finding the Never Tree. Will Hook find the tree after all these years? And will Wendy be stuck in the Secret Garden forever?


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