Stuck is the first episode of the second season of the TV series and twenty seventh episode of the full series overall.


Once again, facing the beginning of a mutiny, Hook has to improvise and leads his crew to a cave, where he SWEARS a treasure is hidden. But in the cave, they only find a weird sextant, neatly fit on a rock, the top directing to the open sky, above the cave.

Hook, not ready to admit his failure, grabs the sextant and pretends that was EXACTLY what he was looking for! A magic sextant that will lead them to the greatest treasure of all times!

Meanwhile, in the london sky, Wendy and Tink race to the Star and goes to Neverland. Michael, John and Peter go slower, arguing about the sake of video games (Peter finds them very stupid!). But as Hook, in Neverland, grabs the sextant, the Star glows red and the boys bounce back... They quickly find out... they can't get through! Peter, Michael and John are stuck in London, while Wendy is stuck in Neverland!

While, in London, Peter will have to learn a little about nowadays games and hobbies, Wendy and Tink, setting their differences apart, will team up to save the day!


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