Peter Pan is main protagonist of the TV series.


Peter Pan is the little boy who decided he would never grow up. He despises all authority except his own and is clearly the captain in Neverland. He is engrossed in his games and dreams, his preconceived ideas about the world, which are sometimes instinctively spot-on and sometimes totally wrong. He likes jokes and adventures and especially challenges. Peter's sense of humor is prankish, schoolboyish and even cartoonish.


Little is known about Peter's past. A mere week old when he left his home to play with the fairies in Kensington Gardens, he found his way back years later only to see through the nursery window... his Mother had replaced him with another child.

Broken-hearted, Peter turned his back on the Real World and chose to live as a boy who never grows up in Neverland. His past shades his character with a darkness and melancholy he never acknowledges but can’t always hide from more perceptive eyes.


He is entertaining, confusing, imaginative, creative and mercurial. He’s also charming, boastful, funny and forgetful. Peter's fiercely protective of his friends. Though he is heroic, he can be reckless and maddening, and is cavalier about the feelings and needs of others. Anyone who breaks his rules is an ‘Utter Villain’ and likely to suffer his wrath.

He lives in the ‘now’ and has no care for the future or the past.

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