Peter’s Choice is the fourteenth episode of the first season of the TV series and fourteenth episode of the full series overall.


Wendy, like other young girls cant seem to decide between choosing electives. Peter Pan arrives in time to take her to Neverland for a break.

Meanwhile in Neverland, Hook and his pirates are huffing and puffing and chasing Peter Pan. Peter taunts them saying how sad it is for them to be old whilst he will forever be a boy. He drops the hat on the captain’s head and takes off laughing.

Hook and Smee realize that if Peter aged a bit, they could catch him easily and they start hatching a devious plan. Peter and the Lost Kids stay on the island because they are children. But if they become grownups, they’ll have to leave. They decide the only way this can happen is if Peter had to make a grown up decision.

When the pirates kidnap Wendy and Tinker Bell, it is up to Peter to save them. But he has to make a choice- Wendy or Tinker Bell! Peter soon comes up with a plan where he saves one of his friends while the mermaids save the other. Does Peter save both his friends?


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