Peter's Birthday is the second episode of the first season of the TV series and second episode of the full series overall.


Wendy, Michael, John and Tiger Lily want to give Peter Pan the best surprise birthday he can have and to make him realize that growing up is not all that bad.

When they make up a story about a treasure on top of a high hill just to keep his surprise party a secret, Captain Hook’s pirates overhear them and are intent on getting to the so called treasure before Peter.

Tinkerbell, meanwhile suspects that Wendy wants to get rid of Peter by poisoning him. She tries to let Peter know but to no avail!

A battle between Peter and Hook soon ensues and in the ruckus, Wendy’s party for Peter is ruined and Peter discovers he went through all that trouble of finding a rock which wasn’t even real treasure.

Peter is thankful to everyone for planning the party but is adamant that he wants to be the boy who never grows up!


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