Origins is the seventh episode of the first season of the TV series and seventh episode of the full series overall.


Wendy is keen on finding out about her ancestors, but is made fun of by Peter and everyone else since they feel it makes you too grown up when you want to hear stories of the past.

Meanwhile in Neverland, Hook and the pirates want to fly and they know the only way is to capture Tinker Bell for her fairy dust. The Lost Kids are planning an attack on the Jolly Roger with sneezing powder to make the pirates sneeze so that they will leave them alone. During the ensuing battle, Tinker Bell finds the Tinker trap, but no one can hear her cries for help with all the sneezing and yelling going on. Soon the pirates are all able to fly and seem to get around Neverland faster than they used to.

Luckily Peter Pan manages to save her, but she has lost the glow and magic she had. And since she has never been sick before, nobody knows what to do until they find a picture of her with other fairies. They decide her past and her origins could be the answer to her illness. Everyone heads to the Secret Garden in search of other fairies. Will Tinker Bell get better or has she lost her powers forever?


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