Never Movie is the twenty first episode of the first season of the TV series and twenty first episode of the full series overall.


Peter is fascinated when the Darling children show him an adventure film. And he gets even more excited when they decide to watch a film with the Lost Kids back in Neverland. But when something goes wrong with the generator, the characters from the film fall out of the screen and right into Neverland. But when Captain Synapse falls out, the Darling children tell everyone he is a bad guy...even worse than Hook!

When his jetpack stops working, Synapse lands on the Jolly Roger and right into Hook’s good books since he seems more competent than Hook’s band of pirates. Little does Captain Hook know, that Synapse is only trying to be his confidante so that he can become the king of Neverland one day.

Synapse has taken over the Jolly Roger and the pirates and the only way to save Neverland from him is to get rid of Synapse. Though wary of Hook, he is the only one who knows every nook and cranny of the Jolly Roger and so Peter decides to enlist his help to fight Synapse. Will Synapse be the new villain on Neverland? Or will Hook and Peter get rid of him


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  • The first appearance of the Synapse.
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