Michael Darling is a supporting character of the TV series.


The youngest of the Darling family, Michael is also the most rambunctious! He wants everything and he wants it right now! He would probably take off on his own – with unforeseeable consequences – during the Neverland adventures if Wendy didn't keep an eye on him at all times. Courageous, funny, intrepid, daring: that's Michael in a nutshell. He sees Peter as the ultimate hero and he adores Tinker Bell.


Michael is 6 years old and wears rough & tumble casual clothes but he does carry around a teddy bear, except this one is called Terminator Bear and is a cross between a teddy and a Transformer. Michael is much more hyper and undisciplined than his namesake so he never sits still or listens to reason, and always seems to be tearing off in a million directions at once.

He loves playing games, sports, painting and drawing, and never-ending fun and laughter. This makes him seem less related to John and more like Peter Pan’s long lost little brother.


He’s a crazy loose cannon. Very funny, entertaining and sweet but mischievous, inquisitive, and hyper one minute/asleep the next. He’s the cause of a lot of accidents and is too young and wild to be useful. He has a very kind and loving heart, and is extremely perceptive.

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