Michael’s Nightmare is the third episode of the first season of the TV series and third episode of the full series overall.


One night just as Wendy is about to fall asleep, she hears Michael whimpering, talking and crying in his sleep. Before Wendy can find out what’s wrong, Peter Pan shows up asking Wendy, John and Michael for help since the Lost boys have gone missing!

Peter and the Darling children head straight for the Jolly Roger since Peter is certain that Captain Hook and his pirates have kidnapped the Lost Boys and they are certain when they find that the pirates are missing from the Jolly Roger. Michael soon starts to feel uneasy. He hears worrisome creaking noises and they sound exactly like the ones in his nightmare. Everything seems to be happening just like Michael’s nightmare, which makes him more scared than he already is.

The children suddenly find a strange door that seems to have swallowed everyone including the Lost Boys and the pirates. It is up to Peter and the Darling Children to save them from the strange door!


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