London Calling is the twenty fifth episode of the first season of the TV series and twenty fifth episode of the full series overall.


After a tiring day at Neverland, Peter, Tinkerbell and the Darling Children are exhausted and lying down in the children’s room in London. A naughty Tinkerbell gulps Wendy’s cup of coffee despite being asked not to do so. Strange things soon start happening- John’s books fall off the shelves, Wendy’s hairbrush is missing and strange noises are heard.

A red dressed Tinkerbell accompanies Peter back to Neverland when Wendy finds a very giggly Tinkerbell in a white dress in her cupboard while John and Michael find another two Tinks in their bedroom. Something is wrong when Peter notices that the Tinkerbell with him is very cranky and snapping at the Lost Boys and girls. She even starts throwing things out of the Never tree and yelling at Peter for talking about Wendy all the time.

All hell has broken loose with an angry Tinkerbell at the Nevertree and more and more Tinkerbells appearing in London. The Darling Children need Peter Pan’s help before their parents find out what is happening!


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  • This is second time the pirates travel outside Neverland.
  • It's revealed that coffee affects a fairy by separating their personalities.
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