John Darling is a supporting character of the TV series.


John's the middle child in the Darling family, a situation that makes it tough for him to find his place in the family dynamics. He's an A-student, reserved, and a bit of a know-it-all but likes to mix with riffraff. When he's sitting at the computer, everything about him shouts “nerd”, especially his glasses. Luring him out of his shell is Peter, for whom he has a boundless admiration, and their adventures in Neverland.


John is a reliable, loyal, and stead-fast boy. He loves to share his knowledge and is always willing to fulfill his duties and responsibilities. His siblings think he’s very funny because he takes himself and everything else so seriously, which he declares with very serious regularity. He’s 9 years old and looks much like his namesake, too, wears a nerdy cap and glasses. Sombre and studious, John tends to show off his vast knowledge in a long-winded, lecturing manner.


He’s a serious, useful, and intelligent boy who is also a bit incomprehensible and reserved. He’s polite but impatient, socially and physically awkward, and unflappable in a crisis. He can also be aloof, arrogant, and appear to be humorless. John’s shy around girls but very chivalrous and romantic at heart. He’s also surprisingly fierce and ruthless when protecting his family and friends, and wholly committed to his role in helping defeat the Evils in Neverland.

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