How Hook Stole Christmas is the twenty fourth episode of the first season of the TV series and twenty fourth episode of the full series overall.


Peter and the Lost Kids are on a mission to deliver all of Santa’s gifts to children around the world in time for Christmas since he has been kidnapped by the pirates.

When they finally reach Santa’s workshop, everybody is very excited. Everything looks incredible and perfect.

However, soon this excitement turns to dread when the gang realizes that Hook and his nasty crew have invaded the workshop with their devious plans. Hook is determined to ruin Christmas for everyone. After the evil villains damage everything in sight, Christmas has been put in jeopardy. Can Peter and his friends save Christmas? Who will help them in this effort. They need nothing short of a Christmas miracle!


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  • This is first time the pirates travel outside Neverland.
  • This is only time the lost kids travel outside Neverland.
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