Gold, Gold, Gold is the sixth episode of the second season of the TV series and thirty third episode of the full series overall.


Once again, John’s feelings are seriously hurt when the other children on the school playground pick him last for their team. Oh how he’d like to be tall and strong… and not wear glasses! Once in Neverland, John can’t resist the temptation and races to the Murmuring Tree to make a wish for his braininess to be turned to brawniness. Wish granted!

The big, strapping, dumb-dumb dunce now crosses the path of the pirates. Hook notices the change and plans to use it to his full advantage. Knowing that wishes always wind up turning against the one who wished them, he manipulates John into letting him formulate a wish in his stead. Hook wants everything he touches to turn to gold! The wish comes true and even the tree turns into gold. Once the initial thrill is over, Hook becomes depressed. He can’t even touch his own food now! He cheers up, however, when Smee suggest that this might be a golden opportunity to put Peter out of commission! The pirates set up Dumb-Dumb John to trick Peter into falling into a trap certain to turn him into a golden statue!

Wendy, John, and Michael will have to find a way to bring the Murmuring Tree back to life and cancel Hook’s wish. In the course of events, John realizes physical strength is of little use if you don’t have sufficient smarts for flexing the muscles.


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