Global Warming is the twenty sixth episode of the first season of the TV series and last episode of Season 1 overall.


Though the end of school year field trip was canceled, the Darling children are taken to Neverland by Peter to cheer them up since its spring time. While everyone in Neverland is preparing for a flower sculpting contest, Hook and his pirates want to give Peter, a bad luck potion to make him squabble with his friends and that will eventually make Hook and his pirates the undisputed leaders of Neverland. Their plan fails when the potion lands on Michael and Poppy, one of the lady girls who have come from the Secret Garden to judge the contest.

Soon the island becomes hotter since Poppy has lost her temper and throwing a tantrum. The other flower girls cannot seem to calm her down. As the heat intensifies, dead leaves fall all round our friends. The animals in the forest head to the rivers. But the rivers are getting hot, too. When they notice that Michael is being cranky too, Peter realizes something is wrong and it is not just them being cranky. They decide to find Jaro to ask him how to solve this dilemma that has put Neverland into jeopardy. Poppy is in danger and so is Neverland. Will they manage to find an antidote for the heat? Or will Neverland melt into oblivion?


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