Girl Power is the seventh episode of the first season of the TV series and seventh episode of the full series overall.


Wendy is upset with her best friend Anna who didn’t show up for their dance performance. She decides she doesn’t want to have any more friends.

In Neverland, the ever evil Captain Hook seems to be afraid of a certain “boogie monster” who he thinks is surrounding his ship. Smee and Jaro try to cook up a self confidence potion to give Hook his confidence back. Smee soon realizes that the concoction could have disastrous effects when Hook suddenly has become braver than ever and might just get himself into trouble.

Meanwhile an irritated Wendy is having a war of words with Tinkerbell who is equally hot headed. But when Captain Hook captures Peter, the Lost boys and John and Michael, the two girls must cooperate to save their friends. Will the ever sparring Tinkerbell and Wendy finally be nice to each other for the sake of their friends?


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