El Hookito is the thirteen episode of the first season of the TV series and thirteen episode of the full series overall.


Michael is singing on his new MP3 player very loudly, a gift John is not very happy about. Wendy says Michael deserves it for standing up to a bully but realizes that Michael is out of tune and this singing could go on for days.

Back in Neverland Peter discovers that Captain Hook has captured Maia who is using her to lure Peter Pan to the Jolly Roger. He manages to free Maia and everyone flies off to the Never Tree.

Soon the pirates decide to find another prisoner, Tiger Lily. But before they can kidnap her, two masked men save her. There is a new hero on the island - El Hookito and his faithful servant - El Mosquito. Everyone on the island is enamored by El Hookito who manages to rescue kids from the pirates even before Peter can.

Peter decides to use Michael as bait to unmask the secret island hero. But will this get Michael into trouble? Or will Peter finally discover who the masked El Crocheto is?


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