Don't Mess with Momma is the fourth episode of the second season of the TV series and thirty first episode of the full series overall.


Wendy is getting rather fed up with her brothers always and forever asking her for help with this and with that. So, once they’re in Neverland, and they ask her to team up with them for the Big Cook Off contest, Wendy puts her foot down. They can just make do without her because she’s planning on baking a HUGE cake all by herself and certainly not babysitting a couple of babies!

Although miffed, John and Michael immediately set out to find the rarest ingredient in the whole universe for their recipe: an egg laid by the Swamp Monster. That will show Wendy what they’re capable of doing! The only hitch is that Hook has spotted them and set a trap for them on the edge of the Cursed Swamp. The boys fall into a crevice along with the Creature!

Meanwhile, Hook scampers off with the egg and hopes of great fortune dancing in his evil head. Trapped in the narrow confines of the crevice with the Beast, Michael and John really have to make do all on their own because Peter and Wendy are both leading the charge against the pirates to rescue the egg from the dirty thieves and return it to its mamma.


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