Danny Ploof is the eighteenth episode of the first season of the TV series and eighteenth episode of the full series overall.


Mr. Danny Ploof, the Darling children’s eccentric 40 year old neighbor becomes an unexpected companion on their trip to Neverland when he has fairy dust sprinkled on him. On the Jolly Roger, the pirates perfect an umpteenth plan to catch Peter Pan. They decide to capture Tiger Lily to bait and trap Peter Pan.

When Peter discovers that an adult has followed them to Neverland, he is obviously unhappy especially since Ploof seems to be a walking disaster. At the Bravery Bash, Ploof takes a sword and decides to take on Captain Hook. But Peter Pan is having none of it and goes after him, intent on showing that he is the bravest.

When Ploof makes a fool of himself, Peter tells him he is an adult and he should stop humiliating himself. But when Tiger Lily and her friends are kidnapped by the pirates, Ploof manages to play a big part in saving the Indians because of his bravery and courage.


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  • The first and only appearance of the Danny Ploof.
  • This is first and only time an adult has traveled to Neverland.
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