Copy Cat is the fifth episode of the second season of the TV series and thirty second episode of the full series overall.


Michael is deep in an “I do everything like John” phase, but John is quickly fed up being constantly imitated. On Neverland, John eventually tells him to get lost… Which the vexed Michael does, fleeing to the Mermaids’ Lagoon.

Down in the dumps, he confides in the three mermaids, who convince him that if he drinks a little of lagoon’s water, he’ll stop admiring John… And they are right. Because as soon as John drinks a tiny sip of the water, he loses his soul and becomes enslaved to the Mermaids. Under the three sisters’ commands, Michael will manipulate the Lost Kids and the Pirates one at a time into drinking some lagoon water. In this way, he slowly builds “an army of shadows” to follow the Mermaids’ orders, who will force the inhabitants of Neverland to join them.

Because what the Mermaids haven’t revealed to anyone is that if they gather enough dark souls, the water will rise up and swallow Neverland… And they can finally reign over the island that they have coveted for so long.

Peter, the Indian Chief and Hook will be the last three not to fall for this trap and will have to join forces to defeat this army of shadows and help their friends retrieve their pure souls.


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