By the Book is the eighth episode of the first season of the TV series and eighth episode of the full series overall.


Wendy finds John hacking into the school computer and obviously disapproves. But when Peter comes into their room praising John for his intelligence, Wendy knows she will have to prove to John that he was wrong. In Neverland, the pirates are searching for hidden treasure while Wendy is tired of nobody ever listening to her, and fed up with all the chaos at the imaginary tree.

The pirates soon find a magic quill that has the same initials “JMB” as the Neverland book that John is reading. When a bored Michael chances upon the quill and John’s book, he starts writing in it since he wants to know all about Neverland. He soon discovers that whatever he writes in the book actually appears in Neverland and vice versa. Rainbows, trees, plants keep appearing and disappearing because of Michael’s curiosity.

Will he cause more harm than good with the Neverland book and quill or will Peter save the day before its too late?


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