Alone is the nineteenth episode of the first season of the TV series and nineteenth episode of the full series overall.


Wendy accompanies Peter alone to Neverland since her brothers have chicken pox. But there is a crisis in Neverland since the Great Spring is drying up and the Big Indian Chief only wants Peter to go along. So the Lost Kids are alone while Peter is away. The pirates meanwhile want to live in the Never Tree since it is big and beautiful and are excited to discover that Peter is away on a mission.

To revive the Great Spring, they need a Sylphie’s pistil, a handful of earth from the depths of the Cursed Swamp and a jug of water from the Mermaids’ Lagoon and also face dangerous creatures along the way.

While Peter, Wendy, Lily and Tinkerbell are on their mission to revive the spring, a battle rages between the pirates and the Lost Kids who need Peter more than ever. But he is too preoccupied to hear their cries for help. Luckily Chubs, takes over and manage to get rid of the pirates and just in time before Peter arrives after reviving the Great Spring.


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