A Pirate's Life is the second episode of the second season of the TV series and twenty eighth episode of the full series overall.


John is totally FED UP with everybody always asking him help about homework and stuff. He didn't even find 5 minutes to rehearse for his play audition before Peter Pan and Tink come to take the whole family to Neverland... But he soon forgets his worries when Peter tells them that today, they're going to go get magical conches : when you blow into these conches, it produces animal sounds !

But as they're in the forest harvesting the conch, the pirates come by. Peter, always quick to a good laugh, ask the children to hide. John hides in a small flowery bush and doesn't notice the flowers are a bit strange... Meanwhile, Peter causes panic amid the pirates by producing terrible lion roars... All the pirates start running, except Dagan who just jumps into the first bush... John's bush! They look at each other but suddenly, the flowers stuck themselves to their mouth and a weird electrical flash hit them both... And John finds himself in Dagan's body... And Dagan into John's!

They have no time to protest as Captain Hook grabs John (in Dagan's body) to go back to the Jolly Roger and Peter tells Dagan (in John's body) to hurry! And here they are, Dagan among the lost kids and John among the pirates. And if, at first, they seem to enjoy the change (Dagan is treated as a smart guy for once... And nobody asks John for his intellectual help for once), they quickly start to realize it's not so fun after all... It's up to John to find a way to escape and to get his old body back! Fortunately, Peter and Co will be there to help him!


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